Late Night Blogging

Well tonight I got out of work early and hubby was there to pick me up (I car pool so I had him pick me up since the guy I ride with wasn’t leaving early) and it was so wonderful! We came home and fixed dinner together, then watched some TV and went to bed. It’s so nice having him home and I have missed the little things like just kissing him when I want to.

He told me tonight his boss told them today as of next week they are going to be working Monday-Saturday and 12 hour days. It totally sucks because now I’m really never get to see him. His time at home will be spent sleeping and getting ready for the next week.

The silver lining in all of this is that he will be bringing home a HUGE chunk of money every week. I was laying in bed thinking about everything and couldn’t sleep. So I decided to come out into the living room and start writing down everything. I have figured up with this extra money that we can be credit card debt free in 3-4 months…CRAZY! I have been on a “financial plan” of my own of sorts and with the way I had it we would be credit card debt free in two years….Talk about my plan going out the window.

You see before we got married we were young and very stupid and he was making awesome money in the booming economy. Credit card companies were always sending us stuff and of course we always opened a card. Sometimes just because we liked the different pictures you could put on the card. (Well that was more me) and in the 6 months or so before our wedding we proceeded to rack up almost $15K in credit card debt. That is a big estimate and I’m sure at one point it was more than that. Well then of course the economy took a huge dive, his work took huge cuts in hours, and then even started doing seasonal lay offs which the company hadn’t done in over 50 years or something like that.

So needless to say we screwed up. And now we have a lot of credit card debt that makes it very hard for us to live comfortably. We both have good careers and bring in a decent amount of money but thanks to credit card debt a huge chunk of our paycheck disappears every month.

I am so excited to have this plan in order and know that in just a few months we will be much closer to being more financially stable. Once we pay these credit cards off it will be a huge load off our shoulders and we can live much more comfortably and be able to start doing other things that we’ve wanted to do for a long time. We can start doing the things we wanted to the house.

I am pretty much rambling at this point because it’s almost 4am here and I’m finally starting to get tired again. I went to bed early with hubby since he is used to a different schedule now and was surprised that I fell asleep so quick. But then of course 1am rolls around and I am wide awake and my mind is spinning like crazy.

I am so happy to have all this figured out and although it will be a little bit harder while he is working all these extra hours and we aren’t seeing each other, once it’s over it will be worth it and we will have a lot less stress all the way around.

A Very Happy Lady 🙂


4 thoughts on “Late Night Blogging

  1. That would make two of us up so early!! Kudos to your financial plan…but sucks on how to get there with your DH's crazy schedule. My DH works shiftwork as well but nothing like your hours. His are 6:30 to 6:30 days/nights.


  2. Good for you guys for getting your financial priorities in order. I had debt before I married my husband and it stressed me out. Once I had a plan, it made a world of difference and once the debt was paid off, it was a huge relief.
    (Found you via ICLW).


  3. I know how you feel. At least things are working out better for you, even if your poor hubby will be working really hard.

    I agree with thirtiesgirl, credit cards are the devil!


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