Wordless Wednesday – Proposal

I know it’s supposed to be “wordless” but this deserves a story. 4 years ago today Nate called me at work and told me he really needed me to come home early because we needed to talk. I was totally freaked out and of course ran out of the office and headed home. Little did I know that when I got there he would ask me to marry him…

On the way home he called and asked if I would stop and get him Burger King for lunch because by the time we got done talking he would have to go to work (he worked nights) and wouldn’t have time to eat. I could have killed him since I thought it was something serious and was racing home only to be derailed to get him Burger King. I decided to get a Coke Icee since I was there.

I remember exactly what shirt I was wearing that day. A back and red Ball Sate Cardinals shirt. I still have that shirt and probably won’t ever throw it away.

Once I got home his lack of urgency to tell me what we needed to talk about was really annoying. He then told me to sit down. Then he gave me the most amazing “speech” of sorts and then got down on one knee and proposed…I of course said yes!

Like I said, he had to leave for work shortly after he proposed. So I called my grandma and a friend of mine and we went and had Chicago Pizza for dinner. I gave the waiter like a $20 tip because I told him I was having a great day and he should too. haha!

It may not be a proposal in fireworks or a romantic holiday proposal but it was exactly what I wanted. I always told him I wanted my own day. A random day just me and him in our apartment. And it was perfect.


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Proposal

  1. Cute! When I got to the picture of your ring I thought 'what a pretty ring'… then I looked down and realized it was EXACTLY the same as mine. I have a differnt wedding band, but the engagement ring is the exact same 🙂


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