I am going to be relocating my office…


I am having the most intense hot flashes from the Femara. It has been almost two years since I went off Femara and I definitely forgot how crazy my hot flashes get. and OUCH! My ovaries are killing me! Which I guess it’s a good sign that the Femara is doing something down there. We shall see. Although I used to never do OPK’s I still have a billion left that a friend sent me. Except I did realize that they expired a couple months ago (does this matter?) but I figure I’ll give them a try anyways and see when I ovulate from the Femara.
-Reporting from the North Pole
XO Lavonne

2 thoughts on “Relocating

  1. HI , I didn't know where to reach you so I thought I'd just share here, if thats ok! I hope you dont mind…
    First and foremost I feel compelled to tell you this… My sister has 2 beautiful children…. Unfortunately it took her almost 10 years to get them. She dosnt have the severe chromosome abnormality as you, but we both have liden factor five, a risky blot clotting disease that makes TTC hard!. After 8 miscarriages, they finally found out why she couldn't carry to term… I'm telling you this, because she never gave up! After 3 more miscaraiges, she became pregant with assistance of drugs of course, it was a hard, sick, and a rough pregnancy and she only carried 7 months, but she made it! And now My neice is 13 years old! Things took a turn for the miraculous after, She became pregnant ( oops!) on their own 4 years later, and this time my neice didn't want to come out! 2 weeks after her due date, she graced us with her presence, and things have never been the same!
    I hope you never give up!!!! If my sister had, I wouldn't have my 2 favorite people in the world right now! 🙂 Someday, it will stick, and everything will work out! I know it's so cliche, and i'm sure you've heard this a million times, but everything does happen for a reason! GOOD LUCK! And I'll be praying your dream comes really soon! 🙂


  2. Hi Lavonne!! thanks so much for visiting my blog!!
    as for the acupuncture…. the treatments are $90 a session. right now i am doing 2 a week… hopefully once they design a treatment plan for me it will go down to once a week, it's pretty expensive. also check with your insurance. some insurance companies will cover part of the treatments, out of network usually. right now i am currently without health ins, but once i have coverage it will pick up part of the tab…..Thank Goodness!!
    as for the herbs and other things, i am having a meeting with acupuncture lady on thursday to discuss the treatment plan they have put together for me…. she did mention a supplement and herbs that she will most likely have me taking….
    keep following me, i will update often about the TCM and what is going on!
    good luck with the femara….stay cool! i hate the hot flashes!!


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