Sun Flare

The iheartfaces photo challenge this week is “Sun Flare” As you can see this isn’t the “Sun” but a stage light but I absolutely love this picture. When I look at it I can hear Scotty from Red Wanting Blue singing and it takes me back to the wonderful weekend in Chicago with my best friend. 


13 thoughts on “Sun Flare

  1. @Serline – they play like a soft rock/alternative type music. If you go to their website (link above) they have some preview of their music. There music is amazing but once you've seen them live it's a whole new experience!

    @ Kristen – thanks!


  2. I came here to thank you for your comments on my iheartfaces blog. I stayed to tell you how truly creative it is to capture sunflare using stage lighting! BUT I will come back to follow you on your infertility journey. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 7 years. We have an adoption loss, a chemical pregnancy, and surgery under our belts. And we are still waiting. So my heart goes out to you!!!


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