Daytime Meds @ Night

So I start feeling like I’m getting sick tonight at work. So I know I have some sort of cold medicine with Vitamin C in my purse. So I look at the back of the package and see it’s just a Sudafed with Vitamin C. I know I don’t keep PM pills in my purse so I take it. WELL I forgot that it is a day time dose that I took. So I get off at 1am. And it is now almost 5am and I’m still wide awake. I tried reading my book, watching TV, now I’m on my computer. So I decide that I did my make-up really awesome today – and that no one really got to see it since I just went to work and home today. So I decide to turn on my photobooth and start snappin’ some pictures.

If this doesn’t show you how completely goofy I am at any random time nothing ever will. haha!


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