Question Authority!

So we got some great news today! My nurse called my insurance company with the reference number I got from talking to the supervisor yesterday and my ultrasounds and any other “testing” is totally covered! Not only is it covered but I don’t even have a copay! So we are still taking this cycle off but when next cycle comes around the meds are in my fridge (still next to the yogurt) and when I need my u/s the only thing I will be paying for is the gas to get there 🙂

What infuriates me is that had I not known from experiences that the “provider services” department is notorious for saying I am not covered for something when I really am and just taken their “no” as a final answer I would have been out all that money.

So let this be a warning to everyone! Know your policy, research every single aspect of it, know your stuff! And if your doctor calls provider services and gets an answer you believe is wrong, call member services and double check everything! Always write down names of who you’ve talked to, and reference numbers to every single conversation. They always have some sort of number associated to the conversation because every conversation has to be recorded and saved.

Don’t ever take no for an answer, always stand up for what you believe is right! And thanks to my wonderful mother for always educating me in this stuff. She has an extensive medical/insurance background and has taught me a lot. And a huge thank you to everyone who has been on this roller coaster with me! I know I’ve probably driven you totally bonkers by now!


2 thoughts on “Question Authority!

  1. Well done! This is great advice. I think I will fight my $1800 charges from my cyst a little harder. One more shot will be worth it. I needed to read this. Not this wkend, but tonight! Good timing.


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