Wordless Wednesday

Painting pottery with my oldest niece this past weekend!


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Thanks for all the comments and love on my WW! She is quite the little poser and says she wants to be a “fashion doctor” and is quite the little actress. Her mommy definitely has her hands full when this one gets a car and a cell phone…


  2. she is SUPER cute.

    i love your quote on the sidebar “me and you, just us two.” from sex and the city, right? i was a bit disappointed with the last movie but i'll admit, i still watched it. i miss the girls.


  3. Yea Tracy, I love Sex and the City and although their reasons for not having children were different I really related to a lot of that movie. I was also pretty disappointed but if you think about it, the entire series was building up to Carrie and Big getting married, once they were married the hype was gone. For those that followed the series religiously (aka me – haha) I appreciate the “update” from the girls but it sucks because I know that it's the last time we will see them in a SATC movie :(( boo!


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