Quite Dizzy

This looks quite minor compared the the roller coaster I have been on in the past month or two…I have been on the phone with insurance companies, pharmacies, RE’s office, etc. I call to get a verification of one thing, only to have to call and double check that with the person that person was talking to. Then I have to call the other person and get information about something, and call this other person to make sure that person can give me that information…

It’s been quite an up and down battle. After extensive phone calls and research I think we are finally seeing the end of this roller coaster we have been on.

I have had two issues with starting TTC. The first big issue was that although my insurance covers infertility injections I couldn’t find a pharmacy to give me these medications. If they would give them to me they wanted all of the money up front and wanted me to get reimbursed from my insurance which could take months. My fertility injections are not covered under my prescription plan, but under my medical plan so it makes this whole process a lot more complicated than usual. Provider services would tell the pharmacy I wasn’t covered, then I would call member services and they would say without a doubt I am covered. (Always after talking to a supervisor or broke for my policy to verify) I also have a sheet saying they cover 90% of injections for in network pharmacies but only 60% for out of network and after a huge deductible. But no one could tell me the in network pharmacies…

Then my second biggest issue was the cost of the baseline and follicle study u/s. By all means I assumed they would be covered by insurance because who in their right mind would cover fertility injections and not cover the u/s that HAVE to be done with these injections. My doctor called provider services on Monday and was told “Nope, not covered because it’s infertility and not diagnostic” so I have a mental break down and pretty much give up on life….*sigh* So after doing some research on my papers given to me by my insurance it clearly states that any “testing” done for infertility is also covered 90% So I call today, speak to yet another person in member services and she talks to yet another supervisor and sure as SHIT it’s freaking covered!!!! So she does all the necessary notations to my account and gives me a reference number to give my doctor so that he won’t charge me $600 for two u/s (yes I said $600) and verify that they are covered.

So basically. I have a list of in network pharmacies given to me today by the same woman who figured out my u/s crisis. So I will be calling them to see what pharmacies have the cheaper meds and if any of them just accept my 10% payment that I’m responsible for and bill my insurance for the rest since they are in network with my insurance…

And I will be talking to my nurse first thing tomorrow letting her know about this u/s deal and hopefully I’ll have final verification tomorrow that it is all covered and good and ready to go and I won’t be paying $600 for the u/s but my normal $30 copay or whatever.

After all this stress I have decided that although my Provera AF has started today that I will just be doing a basic Femara cycle this month. I get Femara super cheap so I don’t mind just taking that for one month to give me some time to recover from this horrible up and down emotional state I’ve been in. I know in the world of IF that the worst case scenario is going into a cycle as wacked out as I have been. And since I haven’t ovulated in a very long time it wouldn’t hurt to get that dusty egg out of there and get the new one on deck for the injection cycle.

My mom has also done something pretty amazing for us. She has had a life insurance policy on me since I was a baby. It has a cash option that if at anytime you decide to cancel you can get cash for the money you put it into it before canceling. She did some research today and cancelled the policy and will be handing over a good chunk of money to us in about 10 days to help us cover any costs we come across trying to do this and feel better prepared for these random costs that seem to pop up at the last minute. Since I have life insurance through my company and my husbands she didn’t see a need to keep this policy anyways. This has taken a huge load off and I know we can go into the next month knowing that if there is an unexpected expense that we are financially prepared and not have to figure out which credit card to put it on.

This has been one huge battle and if you were one of the ones that has been there answering my crazy up and down texts as things change from minute to minute then I thank you. Words can’t express how grateful I am for everyone in my life that is helping us through this journey.

I will keep everyone posted as I hear updates and clarify things and get everything lined up but for now I start Femara and hope for the best and get prepared for my injection cycle next month.

Thanks again!!!


4 thoughts on “Quite Dizzy

  1. I am so glad that after all that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Your mom cashing in your life insurance has to help take off some of the weight! What an awesome thing to do!

    Wishing you luck with Femara! ((hugs))


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