Ok so if you don’t watch UFC you have NO clue what I’m talking about. But I seriously feel like I just got in the ring with Anderson Silva and totally got my ass handed to me. I feel like I prepared for this fight, got my mind and body ready, researched my opponent, stepped in the ring just ready for the bell to ring. And got Knocked Out (TKO) I didn’t even get to get a punch in. I didn’t even have a chance to fight back. Before I could even hear the bell my opponent’s fist met my face.

I was prepared every way I knew how. What I wasn’t prepared for was the obstacles standing in my way from even starting the fight. I got knocked down before I could even go one round…

Enough of the fighting analogies because if you don’t watch UFC or any kind of contact wrestling like that then you are officially confused and have stopped caring what I’m saying.

Fact: Infertility sucks!
Even More Fact: Insurance sucks – it stands in the way of perfectly capable people being able to conceive
Triple Fact: I just don’t have it in me to fight right now


4 thoughts on “TKO

  1. We are just coming off a two year break since our last miscarriage is the bad part. I took that long break and was totally ready to go, but because of this drama with the insurance not covering what they used to and the new ways doctors have to bill stuff it's making this one huge headache…


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