I Hate Insurance Companies

Well after months of trying to get these meds lined up and dealing with insurance companies I thought we finally had it figured out and I would be starting an injection cycle soon. But I found out today that my basline and follicle measuring u/s would cost me $600 a cycle because my insurance doesn’t cover it like my husband’s insurance did.

When doing Femara/trigger cycles in the past I never had to pay more than $30 for an u/s so I never thought it would be any different with Hubbys insurance since they have a $30 specialist fee just like mine did. You see we switched to my insurance because of the kind of work Nate does he has a seasonal layoff every year and insurance gets dropped after 60 days then when he goes back we have to re-enroll. Its always kind of a pain and since our coverage always appeared to be the same I never thought we would have this many issues.

Boy was I wrong…

So now it looks like we will be waiting until the end of the year when we can switch back to Nates insurance before we can do this again. And we will definitely have to get a better “back up” savings account for situations like this. I would have done that had I known all these issues with my insurance.
I can’t help but think this is a huge sign that we are just not ready for all this yet…

Edit to Add***I talked my HR resource at work and she said that once my husbands insurance reinstates him that we can cancel my insurance because it’s considered a change of status. But I did find out that because of how the RE’s office bills ultrasounds now that his insurance may not cover it either. It used to be billed as “diagnostic” which insurance covers. But now they bill it as “infertility” which most insurances do not cover…*sigh* So we’ll just have to do our research with Nate’s insurance and figure out what will be best for us in the long run…


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