Need opinions!

Ok so I am still not sold on my blog layout/theme/name. Although I’ve had the blog for quite some time it is just now getting to the point where I am focusing on those parts of it. I think the name should reflect more of our lives and what we are going through, but I don’t want it to be something that WHEN we get pregnant will make no sense what so ever. Feel free to give me some advice or ideas you have.

Right now my big idea is the blog name to be “Totally Translocated” due to my Chromosome Translocation.  For my “logo” I thought about two Chromosome where a quarter of it is switched like mine are. I got the idea off this picture…

In photoshop I could easily do something like this and switch two of the chromosome parts around. Like I said this is totally an idea and I want some input. If anyone else can think of good ideas please comment and tell me all about them. As a graphic designer I can do anything “graphics” wise with the blog so I’m not worried about that. I’m just having a hard timed deciding if I want to switch anything over.
OH and tell me if you totally love it the way it is and think I should just leave it alone…lol
Thanks In Advance!!! 🙂

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