Made A Wish

On a shooting star…it literally made me jump and slam on the breaks it was so bright. Good things are bound to be *

2 thoughts on “Made A Wish

  1. Lavonne…thanks for stopping by my blog. Although, I fully embrace the concept of DE IVF due to my pericentric inversion (a type of balanced translocation), I hope my story does not cause you grief that the only way you'll have a baby is via DE or other methods that prevents you from passing along your chromosomes. It was not an easy process at first, but now it just does not matter. But not always does a BT prevent transmission of your genes to your baby. Hoping your RE is passing along a referral to a genetics counsellor to speak specifically about what your success odds are with respect to IVF with your own eggs and or IVF with your own eggs and Pre-genetics diagnosis or pre-genetics screening. Just my thoughts…but thanks for stopping by. There are a number of BT blogs that I read but somehow they don't show up on my blog…just my blog reader. If you click on various comments of my readers it will likely take you to their page (Johnsons have Angel Wings, Thirties girl, etc.).


  2. Yea after my second miscarriage I was diagnosed with the BT with the 1 and 13 and was sent to a genetic counselor to talk about all of our options.

    I think it's wonderful that you are able to become a mother through DE. My mother's best friend had thyroid problems and problems with her eggs so she has twins through DE IVF.

    Unfortunately financially we just can't do the DE IVF or just IVF with PGD. So for now we are just doing things like injections to get more eggs in hopes for better odds. We just pray that God give us a healthy pregnancy. If it's not time I don't want to get pregnant and go through another loss. So I'm ok with failed cycles. But if another loss happens we will be better prepared and hopefully be able to get back up and try again.

    Thanks for all the advice and kind words. Congrats on your upcoming motherhood!


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