You Can Find it by the Yogurt

“Hey honey, where should I put the Bravelle?!”

“Umm…next to the yogurt. In the drawer.”

Ohhh the life of infertility…

I’m drinking milk out of a Jack Daniels glass, and eating frozen waffles (toasted obviously) off a paper plate. Feeling pretty ummm…awesome! haha! Hey give me a break – it’s 3am and I have been up since 8:30 this morning. I work nights, plus I had the doctors appointment early today, and of course my work pretty much made it mandatory to work overtime due to some new e-book releases were doing….so needless to say I’m sleepy. And instead of going to bed I voted to stay up with the hubby and watch House and eat frozen waffles.



3 thoughts on “You Can Find it by the Yogurt

  1. My husband loves House too 🙂
    I love the Jack Daniels glass. A few years ago my husband bought me a shot glass that says, “I Love Church.” I still haven't used it. LOL! It just makes me want to well . . . go to church instead of have a shot 😉


  2. The waffles were whole grain blueberry. They were amazing!!! And totally guilt free.

    haha – Love the shot glass. I'm with you though. That would probably make me wanna go to church. That's why I have a shot glass that says “SEX” hahahaha! 😉


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