What’s in YOUR lunch bag?

Usually I just have a sandwich and some yogurt, some fruit, maybe a single serving of the steamer veggies (so awesome for taking your lunch and not having to heat up an entire bag of frozen veggies) Maybe a pudding cup from time to time, nothing too exciting…

UNTIL today!!!
Today my lunch consists of a potato to microwave to put in a  bag of broccoli and cheese steamers bag, some yogurt, a banana and…
YAYYYY!!! I got my meds today. Since my Dr is by my work I just went before work and live about 30 miles from work so my meds have to chill out in the work fridge hiding in my lunch bag until I can get them home tonight. haha! 
I had my first consult with the nurse to discuss the upcoming cycle. She is also helping me talk with my insurance and other pharmacies to get my meds lined up for any further cycles if needed. Because of insurance giving me the run around on what is “exactly” covered in my plan and whether or not they will actually reimburse me if I fork out a thousand dollars to the pharmacy for one cycle. I finally got a clear answer that yes it is covered – 90% actually by my medical plan. Now I just have to find a pharmacy that doesn’t require the whole amount paid up front by the patient then the patient has to be reimbursed from the insurance company (which could take months and cost a few thousand dollars if I had to do more than one cycle) Which I would totally do if it came down to it, but why do it if I can find a pharmacy that will just let me pay my $80 copay a cycle instead of over a thousand dollars per cycle.
So that is an update on the TTC side of everything. I am super excited and feel like I’m in one of the best places mentally and physically that I’ve been in a very long time. And although some might worry that if this doesn’t work it would be devastating. But continue to remember that the thought of being pregnant to me is actually scarier than not being pregnant. I am dealing with a much bigger issue with the chromosome translocation and if it’s not meant to be I’m ok with that. I would rather not be pregnant then be pregnant and something happen if it’s not meant to be. I pray that God puts a baby in my womb not just to satisfy my want to be pregnant but to fulfill my dream of being a mother. So if that means failed cycles until it is time, then I am ok with that.
Thanks to all of the new followers and people who have been leaving me comments and sending me messages of support and love. It makes all of this that much easier. 

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