Anything But A Face

I’ve seen numerous blogs that are doing the iheartfaces photo challenges. And while I don’t have an amazing camera or any kind of photography major I love taking pictures. Whether it’s in the moment via cell phone or if I actually remember to take my camera somewhere.

This week the photo challenge is “Anything But A Face” I took this picture when my niece Hayleigh was barely two months old and in the hospital. They discovered she had e-coli in her blood stream due to problems with her digestive system. It was really bad when she went in but she pulled through and is now over a year old and perfectly healthy.

My husband told me he saw a small giraffe at the gift shop he wanted to buy her. When he came back he had this bear. As you can see it is not only NOT a giraffe, it is not small by any means. But she still loves this bear and has to drag it out every time she is at our house.


7 thoughts on “Anything But A Face

  1. Wow that is such an awesome picture. My son actually had e-coli in his blood stream among another problems. He only lived 2 1/2 months. It blesses my heart to hear of other children that are healthy and okay after going through something like that. I'm so happy your niece is doing well 😉


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