Worth Double Posting

If you’ve never seen any of her videos you have to go check her out right now! This was one of her first videos in her infertility IVF vlog and I fell in love. I’ve been following her since around the time we started TTC and have now even friended her on facebook and she continues to give me great advice to stay positive during this very crazy journey. It is now 3 years since this video and Monica has not had a successful IVF. I haven’t heard much on her infertility journey but she continues to be positive and uplifting and always on the move!

In preparation for us restarting our TTC journey I’ve been watching her videos all night. Laughing, and reminding myself that although this journey may not be pretty. It does not define me and my happiness.

Thanks Monica for always being a positive role model and always reminding me to do the same!



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