Wordless Wednesday

My hubby, our roommate Michael, and his friend Jake making fun of a guy at this bar we were at that thought he was very…(BAMF) and standing right in front of the stage with this stupid look on his face. These guys are all so goofy – they always make me laugh…

I posted a link a few weeks back of my favorite band Red Wanting Blue. They had two concerts this weekend and I was lucky enough to make it to both. And got a couple photos of me and Dean the drummer, and Scotty the lead singer and I. Love these guys to pieces! 
 Me and my roommate Tabitha and at the RWB concert. She is amazing!
The crazy sandwich my roommate decided to try. It’s a double cheeseburger that sits in between two grilled cheese sandwiches…he was hurting after eating all this. And yes, he ate ALL of it. haha! 
Hubby & I at the RWB concert. Love this picture of us!

And last but not least. My dear friend had her baby this Saturday and I went to the hospital to see him. He is so precious and such a long awaited miracle. I felt so blessed to be holding such a little miracle in my arms. I feel nothing but happiness when a deserving set of parents get an amazing gift they deserve.

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