So I got a new scarf from Zen Threads on Etsy. I am totally loving the material and it has an owl print on it which makes me happy. PS: I love owls!

So here is a picture of me yesterday. I decided to wrap the scarf around my head and felt like a total hippie all day (which I love) I’m in the middle of an identity crisis and feeling like I am leaning towards my style being more hippie and a little less biker chick. I still want ripped jeans and hot shoes, but I really enjoy just wearing pretty flats with flowers and long skirts and flowy dresses.

Love that I still have my chains “biker chick” necklace though 🙂 You can’t see the awesome owl print on this scarf in this picture but if you go to the link above you can see the full scarf.
Feeling much more peaceful today and not so angry – and my Provera AF is finally going away. Looking forward to resuming life as usual. Get back to some sort of normal and forget the TTC again for a while.

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