It Continues

Maybe it’s because I am still on my stupid Provera AF for absolutely no reason at all, and it is horrible and making me think I should take stock out in Playtex but I am so incredibly irritable. And emotional. I cried all weekend. It was stupid. Never over anything worth repeating…

But if I hear one more pregnant woman complain about how fat she is, or how she can’t find anything to wear, or that she wishes her baby would just be here already (when she is only like 30 weeks old) I might just punch something! I don’t care if your “Over being pregnant” here’s a clue. Vomiting, smell aversions, food cravings, swollen painful boobs, those are all things that are expected with being pregnant so please Dear God please quit acting like it’s some huge surprise and that everyone should feel sorry for you.

Shut the hell up, eat some food for your baby, wear a garbage bag for all I care, and quit being selfish and think about what would happen if your wishes come true and your baby showed up at 30 weeks and was in the NICU for weeks and struggling to breathe or survive.


I would give anything to be “fat and miserable,” and have to wear sweats because I couldn’t find anything to fit my pregnant belly, or not drink a single drop of alcohol or never step into another club again. I would give up ever shopping for myself. My 8 hours of sleep every night. And hell I would give up my very arm or leg if I thought it wouldn’t affect how well of a parent I was to my child. (Which my grandmother raised both my aunt and mom without a leg that she lost due to bone cancer – and although I know she struggles – she was an amazing mother – and I would do it in a heartbeat if someone told me I could have a child)

Seriously people – quit taking it all for granted. Quit complaining on facebook for the world to see. And thank GOD every single day that you are carrying a healthy child and not struggling to understand why you don’t deserve to be a mother.

With saying all this I understand some women end up in the hospital from being so incredibly sick from pregnant or dehydrated. And that there are other situations and reasons that some people have a hard time being pregnant. But if you are just complaining that your favorite pair of designer jeans don’t fit anymore, please take it elsewhere, we aren’t buying your self pity here.

I will cherish every single day I am “Fat & Miserable” for my baby.

Sorry that I’m being a total wench in this post but I have to vent somewhere…


3 thoughts on “It Continues

  1. AMEN! Just tonight I logged on to facebook to see someone had posted pictures of herself 24 weeks pregnant. People were fawning over the picture, saying she looked so cute. Her response? “Well thanks guys. I don't feel so cute these days. I just feel soooo fat.”

    I wanted to tell her to shut the H up!


  2. I totally agree with you!! Thank you for saying it out loud. Some woman really take for granted what is growing inside of them while there are people like us who would practically do anything to be in their position.

    I would love to have to squeeze my belly into some over sized pair of pants if it meant that I was with child.


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