February Monthly Writing Challenge – Faces of Loss

February’s topic: Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Write about something special a friend, family member, or other loved one did for you after your baby(ies) died that really touched your heart.

I have had a few family members do some really amazing things to honor our two angels. For Christmas after my second miscarriage my mother-in-law gave me a framed poem called “Grandma’s Angel Wings” with a blanket that she had embroidered both of our angel dates onto. It was one of the sweetest poems I have ever read and it came from her heart. 

thanks to my amazing mother-in-law

My mom gave us a concrete angel to put outside by our pond, we put a lot of hard work into our pond and it was kind of like a getaway for me to go out there and listen to the water. I love that my angel is sitting out there, it’s such a peaceful place for me to go to escape. I also included a picture of the stone I found that I hung above the angel…

thanks mom

 My husband got me a blue bead and red bead (my angel’s birthstone color’s) for my bead bracelet, he got me a ruby red necklace after the first miscarriage, and he got me a double heart ring for Mother’s Day last year, along with countless notes and flowers just to remind me that with a child or not our love is still very strong.

One Day At a Time Baby…

I have recieved numerous letters, notes, and cards from loved ones expressing their thoughts and prayers for us. None of it has gone un-noticed and I hope everyone knows how much we appreciate you love and support for what we have endured. Two very amazing women from my support group sent me a St. Gerard necklace for fertility. And I have been sent HPT’s, and OPK’s

thanks to everyone who has taken time out of their lives to acknowledge our angels…


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