A Fresh New Start!

Originally when I started TTC I was writing in a blue notebook. (Note: why the blog is named “blue book journey”) I wrote it in all the time, and in the back I kept a calender of all the appointments and meds and costs. Then I finally put it all on here. I went through and typed out every entry in my notebook. Luckily I always wrote the date and time because I wanted to be able to look back and see how some days were different just depending on the time of day. It made it really easy to put everything on here date & time accurate. Well after two years of TTC that poor blue notebook got pretty tore up. After the second miscarriage it got put away in a box and I haven’t looked at it since.

I finally decided to start a new journal. And for consistency purposes (I’m incredibly OCD) I took out the old one to see how I did that one. Putting them side by side was like a reflection of the last few years of my life. One all beat to hell and pages ripping and the book seemingly falling apart. The other, brand new, shiny cover, pages crisp and attached. All put together. I couldn’t help but realize that book is just like me. Once tore up and beat till I was falling apart, now brand new, put together, collected…So here is to a whole new journey and an outlook on this process we call baby making…

brand new…

And I also decided I needed a daily reminder that we are not in control of this. That whatever happens is meant to happen and that there is a much bigger plan for us out there that we have yet to discover.
our bathroom mirror – a daily reminder to trust Him.

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