Dear Baby,

Hi there! I am your mom. Although we haven’t met and you have not yet been placed in my womb I wanted to write you a little something. Maybe a little incentive to come as soon as your ready. Because your mommy and daddy are very ready for you to be here.

We have great names picked out for you once we find out what you are going to be. They mean a lot to us and we’ve spent a lot of time deciding on them. I hope you will love your name as much as we do.

We have a room in our home dedicated just for you. Mommy doesn’t put much in that room because I just know that your going to come as soon as I fill it with useless things so I have just decided to leave it empty so as soon as we know your on your way we can start making the room perfect just for you. Mommy and Daddy have it all planned out. A special corner in the room just for your feeding time, with low lighting and soft music (I hope you like Metallica lullabies because Daddy says that will be his first purchase) We have the color and theme all picked out and we’ve got it all planned out to be comfy and everything your going to need. When we were looking for our home we always kept you in mind, we picked a house with a big back yard so when you get here we can put a swing, or a pool, or a trampoline. Whatever you want. Just know that if it’s a swing your daddy and papaw are going to build it for you. They are so talented.

You have two dogs. They are so good with kids and I just know that they will love you. They follow your cousins around and give them lots of slobbery kisses and I know they will do the same to you.

Your family. Oh baby your family is amazing. They are filled with love for you already. It will take you some time to figure out who everyone is because we all come to the family through different ways. Your mommy’s parents haven’t been married for a very long time. But they still love being around each other, and they are married to amazing people that all get along too. You will be one of the lucky few that can say that all of your grandparents will be in the same room on more than one occasion. Your daddy’s parents are the same way. So you will have lots of grandparents. Most kids only have two sets, you have four. You have a lot of great grandparents too. They really hope that you make it here so they can meet you. You have a few cousins already, they spent lots of time with your mommy and daddy so you will always have someone to play with. You have more aunts and uncles than you will no what to do with. They are going to spoil you like crazy! Because mommy and daddy have done the same thing for their kids. So you definitely have it coming.

Don’t worry about what your going to wear. Daddy jokes that he will have to take out a loan for all the things mommy wants to buy you. And if your a girl, you will definitely be going shoe shopping with mommy 🙂 Mommy loves shoes.

You see baby we have everything ready. The only thing missing is you…

Your mommy and daddy will never leave you. We love you already and you aren’t even here yet. We pray for you every night. We have made a lot of sacrifices for you and we will continue to do so once you are here. Baby I hope you know how much you are loved already. And I hope you come soon so we can give you lots of hugs and kisses and finally see your smiling face.

We hope to have you here with us very soon.
Love Mommy & Daddy


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