For Him

Last night we were watching No Ordinary Family and if you haven’t watched the show it’s about a family who was in a plain crash on their way home from Africa or some sort of far away place like that and the plane crashed into some chemical and they all now have super powers…hmmm…what would my super power be? Maybe I would get lucky and be able to pop out babies on demand….when I was little I used to wish I could fly or breathe under water…now I would just like to be able to get pregnant and stay pregnant…oh how life changes.

Anyways – the daughter on the show can read minds, and if she touches you she can see what you see. The father’s brother came for a visit and he was a sketchy character, long story short they thought he stole stuff out of a family friend’s garage because he was hard up for money and the daughter hugged the brother and saw that he was at a ultrasound appointment with his girlfriend and not the one who broke in.

My husband let out a big obvious *sigh* when that came on. It wasn’t hard for me to miss. We kept watching the show…then the father of the show confronted his brother about what his daughter had seen. He started talking about seeing the baby wiggling around on the screen and hearing the heartbeat just made him realize he had to get his act together and blah blah. I didn’t hear much more because thanks to DVR my husband fast forwarded a few minutes and without a word we just kept watching the rest of the show.

It’s moments like this that remind me that I am not the only one going through this. That the pain he must feel when he hears men talking about things like ultrasounds and being a daddy is something I forget from time to time. It’s so easy to feel alone since it’s my body, but those moments remind me that he is right there with me.

He has been so amazing and strong through everything. That man deserves a trophy or a medal for everything he has done…I just hope I can give him a child. He would be such a great daddy and that would be the best gift I could ever give him…

Please God, if not for me, for him…


One thought on “For Him

  1. I just read this at work…big mistake. I burst into tears. I can completely relate and it breaks my heart to watch my DH go through infertility along with me. ((hugs)) you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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