Happy New Year fellow bloggers!!!

I am really hoping this year if full of new and exciting things. We haven’t decided when we will start TTC again so for now we are just enjoying our lives.

Hubby did suggest out of the blue Saturday night we get up early and try the church across the street. It was very “elderly” dominant, and dungeon like and not for us but we got some good suggestions from friends and we are hoping to find a church we can grow in very soon. That is something we have never really done together. So I am exciting that he decided it was something we should do. I tried finding a church over a year ago for the two of us but he wouldn’t go and it got too overwhelming doing it by myself and I gave up. So I am excited we will be going on this journey together.

We had a great new year’s even surrounded by a lot of people we care a lot about! Although some people that we hoped would make it didn’t, we had a great time. Although the new year has started out with plumbing problems at our house I am staying optimistic that my very handy husband and father-in-law will be able to fix it. They are getting a permit and starting on digging up all the lines tomorrow. Wish us luck!

I’m back on track with my weight loss. Two weeks of my WW location being closed and holiday food has been kinda rough on me but I am right back on track and hoping my weigh in this Saturday won’t be too bad. I only have a pound or two to lose from the holidays and I’ll be back where I left off before this two week holiday “black hole”

I was going to test this past weekend but decided that is not how I wanted to bring in the new year. I thought I O’d sometime around December 20-24th but I’m not sure so I’m just waiting to see if anything happens. I would be okay with a negative HPT if AF showed up because that would mean my cycles are getting more “normal” but if not I will be ok with that too. I went 6 months without one, I’ll do it again if that’s the plan. When we start TTC again then I’ll worry about it.

SO here’s to hoping the new year brings many wonderful things to those that deserve it!!!
Thanks for the continued love and support!


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