Just figured I would share some pictures of my Christmas…

We Start the Day off at Hubby’s Dad’s house – our oldest niece was sick and wasn’t there 😦 But this is our second oldest niece Maryah. It was so good seeing her and everyone else. And I had my father-in-law’s yummy biscuits and gravy…
Then we go to my dad’s house. I didn’t get many pictures but I did get a few of his new puppy Diesel. *Confession – I also had my dad’s biscuits and gravy for lunch* haha!
Then we go to my grandma’s – the house was packed full and we had such a great time. We even got a new tent and can’t wait to try it out 😉
This was the “picture of the day” My niece got a new cell phone and as you can see was SO happy about that. 
This is a picture of all my beads I got for my Troll Beads bracelet. The Red and Blue from my hubby, the birthstone colors of our angels, I got one that is Faith, Hope, and Love, One that has an “R” for my last name from my mom, then my “niece” aka Sister-In-Law got me one that is a heart with hands talking about a never ending bond, and the white one has flowers in it and it represents being unique and one of a kind. She wrote me a beautiful letter from my niece to me that made me cry hysterically!
But nothing beat my mom’s Christmas. Her boyfriend of 2 year purposed in front of the whole family. Of course she said yes and we are planning a Vegas wedding for October. I am over joyed!

And over the past few weeks since Hubby is on his winter lay-off we have been babysitting my youngest niece. She is always such a good baby and so easy to have all day.
And of course Hubby loves having her around for afternoon naps. He is going to be such a good daddy some day…*sigh*

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