Impatiently Patient…

It’s so weird how certain feelings can come and go. Like one minute you can feel like your being punched in the stomach, the next you can feel like your on top of the world.

I think the same goes for TTC. One minute you can be confident in waiting and calm and patient knowing that when it’s time you are going to be prepared because you took a break. But sometime you are so anxious to get back in “the game” again it’s all you can think about. It seems as though the last week or so I’ve definitely been very impatient. I’m ready for the beginning of the year to be here so that our tax check will come (which means paying off the majority of the debt we have left) and painting the house, and stuff like that. But it also means that hopefully by next summer, with renewed minds and spirits we will be TTC again.

It’s hard waiting, but good things come to those who wait right? That is our hope. So we continue to wait.

I’ll be testing tomorrow since I have yet to see AF since her visit in June, and when (because I know it is almost impossible that it’s an “if”) the test is negative I need to go fill my RX for my Provera so I can take that for 10 days to get a forced AF. The doctor recommended I do it ever few months if I don’t get AF on my own to ensure my uterus lining doesn’t get too thick or anything like that.

I hate Provera. It usually makes me feel like a crazy woman. And that in conjunction with dear hubby of mine trying to quit chewing tobacco (FINALLY – INTERNAL SHREEK OF GLEE FOR THIS) it proves to be an interesting November.


One thought on “Impatiently Patient…

  1. Waiting is the worst part, and your right…sometimes it's so easy and others, well like torture. I think if you find things to stay busy, in the meantime, that helps. I try to find little inexpensvive or cost free projects to work on…like cleaning out closets and repurposing household items. Keeps my hands & mind busy because you know what they say about idle hands & mind!


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