Photo Update

My Hubby & I for my Birthday Dinner ❤
My Mom took me to Rascal Flatts – We went VIP style and got  to go
backstage on a golf cart. I couldn’t hide my excitement…as you can see…haha

My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Part in Toledo. She is getting married
in May in Mexico. This is the first of many parties. haha!
Hubby & I at my Brother’s Wedding
My Sisters and I got matching tattoos to symbolize the open heart we keep
for each other since we are not all blood related but surely sisters none the less.

The Start of my Troll Bead Bracelet from Hubby
A reminder to “Just Keep Swimming”

My gorgeous niece Trinity getting ready to go to school. ❤
They grow up so fast. Her mom posts these on FB so we don’t miss a minute 🙂

And last but certainty not least. My youngest niece Hayleigh.
She continues to bring joy to my life and I am blessed to
have a sister-in-law that let’s me be so involved with her. ❤

That is all for now. Thanks for reading. 


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