Giuliana & Bill

Giuliana & Bill. Who watches it? I started watching last season randomly and had no clue that it would turn out to be one of my favorite shows. It started off just being about their life together, but it has slowly turned into their journey of infertility/loss. The season started by G&B deciding they would start IVF. Her first round was a success and she was expecting. Unfortunately tonight’s episode ended with them finding out that after 8 weeks they lost the baby. I didn’t cry as expected when I saw previews for what was coming but I did have a moment where my heart kinda sank to that uncomfortable spot in my stomach and it took me back a little.

Watching the black & white shots of the couple waiting in the Dr’s office, and the u/s images of a tiny little blob in a black sac with no heart beat to follow seemed all too familiar. And yet the brief glances of the couple before the Dr’s office door closed and the brief second they showed the u/s image seems all of the memory I have left of what we went through. Although ours wasn’t aired on E! for the world to see and was not followed by a “Next Week on…” or black and white flash backs of our journey leading up to that point…our journey was the same. Fear, Frustration, Excitement, Disappointment, Sadness. All mutual feelings. So now what is next for G&B… Who knows? I include her in my prayers along with all the other women I know out there struggling with infertility and losses of miracles they tried so hard for. And I hope that “Next Week on…” includes dreams coming true for all those out their struggling with infertility.


2 thoughts on “Giuliana & Bill

  1. I stumbled across Giulliana & Bill too not knowing we would dhare the same IF path. I love that show now, I even made hubs watch the season premiere episode with me a week or so ago.

    Do you think if our friends and family witnessed our journey like we do G&B's, they might be more understanding & sympathetic. I am just glad they are sharing their journey with the world, perhaps it will help people to understand how hard it really it is.


  2. Yes I do. For lack of better words I feel like G&B's story being on TV kinda paints it different, and people are more sympathetic because they see everything. They saw the initial joy when they said she was pregnant, they saw her cry as she laid on the u/s table. Where as in our journey no one sees those things. Those are intimate moments shared only between us and our spouses and I think when you go through the motions with someone you are going to be more sympathetic in a tragedy.

    I am glad they are putting their struggle out there for the world to see as well. I find comfort knowing that others are going through the same thing, and hope that people will understand how common it is. With things like that more laws can be passed to require insurance companies to cover infertility treatments and for there to be more options/support out there for women in our shoes.


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