Dr Appt Update

So my doctor called me tonight to go over my blood results from Friday. He wanted to run a full work up on my levels to see if my hormone levels that indicated I had PCOS had improved or gotten worse or whatever. And he ran my fasting metabolic levels to test my sugars and insulin to make sure I’m not become insulin resistant like most women with PCOS.

OMG!!!! Not only were all my leveles “perfect” he said my testosterone is actually on the lower end of normal unline my tests ran two years ago where they were quite a bit higher than they should be (indicating PCOS)

Living healthier and everything I have put myself through has apparently started to really work!!! I just have to keep up my weight loss and healthy diet and excersize and he is confident that once in a healthy weight range my periods should become more normal. He said he was proud of me and has never seen a woman take charge of her body like me. He said he was impressed by my knowledge at my appointment and he is confident that not only will God bless me with a child but said it’s his personal opinion that my hard work shows “him and the world” that I will one day be a great mom!

I am so happy. It feels great for my hard work to pay off!!! This solidifies every decision I have made over the past few months. I am more motivated than ever to continue my healthy lifestyle and focusing on myself and my marriage and am excited for what the future holds…


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