Well our “break” is going extremely well. I’m inclined to just start calling it “life” instead of a “break” It seems like for the first time since we started this journey I have taken a big deep breath. Like i’ve been slowly suffocating since we started this whole process.

We just got back from a weekend of camping. Since camping is kind of where we started it felt like the perfect way to reconnect and really get back to “us” We had such a great time. We spent lots of time by the fire and snuggling in the tent to stay warm. Although it sprinkled most of the weekend and it wasn’t exactly “warm” we had such a great time. I love that man more than I could ever express in words. He truly is my rock. I couldn’t have made it through the past two years without him.

We have spent lots of time talking about our dreams and goals for the next few years and we are excited to start really living our lives for us. Although there are times where it will still sting when we hear of another pregnancy announcement or have to see someone else having the baby we dream of having one day, we know that right now. Preserving our marriage and happiness is more important.

I am so incredibly lucky. He truly is the love of my life and I’m excited to finally be living that life!


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