On This Day

Happy Mother’s Day

To the ones who don’t have their children here with them today
To those who woke up and were able to go kiss your children good morning
To those who woke up dreaming of the mother’s day you could
And for the women who’s children are with another mother because you made the selfless decision to let another mother have her dream
This day is for you
For the women who are all Mother’s in their own special way
I hope this day brings nothing but happiness and love
Because this day is not only to celebrate the women who are mother’s to children on earth
It’s for the women who still have children waiting for them
And the women who have angels watching over them as they dream for the day they will get the chance to be a mother
Thank You for all the women who have supported me in trying to reach my dream
On this day, I smile and remember my angels, and appreciate all the wonderful mother’s in my life. I won’t shed a tear because I know that this day is for me in it’s own special way. I hope you can all have the same.♥


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