Miles Apart

Some say that technology will ruin mankind. I say that in some ways it joins them. The internet has made it possible to connect with people all around the world. People with similar likes, disklikes, and personal struggles. If it weren’t for the internet I could have missed out on some very important relationships with people I never would have had the chance to meet.

When first beginning my WW journey I got on the message boards and talking with girls who had similar issues, and were reaching for the same goal. I started talking with a girl who weighed about what I did and was around the same age and we just seemed to click. We started talking over Yahoo IM and webcam. And then phone and txt. It was almost daily I could count on a picture or video from her to make me laugh. And then, right before my wedding, she told me her and her fiance and little puppy Gio would be coming to my wedding. I was so over joyed. Finally I would meet her. Once we met it was like we had known eachother for years. She got here early enough that she was able to go with me to get my nails done and be at my rehearsal dinner. Over the next year she came to Indiana again to stay with us and go to a concert, In April of 2009 I went to her bridal shower, then in August of 2009 I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. I would have never guessed when meeting her we would become so close but I can’t imagine my life without her. We thought we had been put in each other’s life for our weight loss journey but we found out it was so much more.

Once I started TTC I went browsing through online forums of girls TTC. After being attacked by a group of girls for asking a “stupid question” a girl Carmen invited me into her group of friends that had their own thread and she promised that nothing was a stupid question there and they would be there to support me. I would have never guessed that two years later I would be so close to that same group of girls. During my miscarriage they sent me flowers, they have sent me pregnancy tets, good luck cards, and more. Although I have not been lucky enough to meet any of them many of them have met up. I can’t wait to join them. Through the two years most of them have gotten pregnant and either have had their babies or soon will. There is only me and one other girl in the group that have yet to have a child. They have never made me feel like an outsider, and I know most of them would give up more than I could ever dream to give me my dream of havnig a child. That says more than they can eve know.

Last night when I got home there was a small box sitting on the counter. My name and address in the center and in the top left corner. From Stephanie & Meg. I instantly started to well up with tears. As I opened it a simple envelope marked “Open this First” on top. I opened it and inside a necklace with a small colored pendant. “St Gerard” it said. So I instantly put it on. Not even knowing what it meant or why they sent it I wanted to put it on. After I read a letter. From both of them telling em what the pendant meant and that all of their love, hope, and prayers were put into this small pendant. St Gerard is the patron saint of pregnancy. They sent it to me hoping it would bring me luck TTC, and once I was pregnant that it would protect my miracle. They really have no idea how much this gift meant to me. I put it on the minute I opened it and plan to never take it off. I feel as though even though they are Miles Apart I can carry them with me. Knowing that there are others out there praying for me, and there to catch me when I fall.

I am so very blessed. To receive such love from people I’ve never even met.


One thought on “Miles Apart

  1. Coming from someone who has a hard time finding and trusting girlfriends… you really are as blessed as you say you are. Love them and let them love you, friendships like that are never wasted.


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