Officially Started

Well since last April I have been wanting to start my WW journey again. Since I officially quit in November of 08 when I got pregnant I gained 45 lbs. I often hear people tell me I should be easier on myself because of everything I went through in the past year but at the end of the day if we gain 40 lbs everytime something bad happens to us we could end up being one of those people they cut out of their house…

My challenge has been learning new coping skills, something other than food. It has definitely been a struggle.

Trying to find the balance between TTC again and weight loss is definitely harder than I gave it credit for. Which is why I’m glad I joined WW again. It is helping me refocus my energy a little bit and giving me a weekly meeting to look forward to and it keeps me springing out of bed at 7am just to go see those familiar faces.

I am down 6.2 total in two weeks. I am so proud of myself. I am challenging myself this week to find more time to work out and get moving. I know that will help my weight loss drastically. I would love to get my 10lb star this week. That means I need to lose 3.8. I know it’s gonna be a hard goal to reach but I know if I track everything and start working out I should be able to get it…I will get it…If not of course I will be proud of anything I do as long as it’s a loss.

I am officially 17.8lbs away from my 24lb loss by March 21st. I don’t have any room for error and I know I will have to treat every week like my first. Being motivated and willing to track everything and give up some things that I know would hinder that goal.

Last April when I was pregnant I had planned on wearing the black and white strapless dress I had purchased at my lowest in my first WW journey to my friend’s wedding. I was shocked when I put it on and it barely fit. I think it was the first time I actually realized how much weight I had gained back…it was a reality check to say the least.

So here is a picture of me in that dress in April of 08

And here is a picture of me in that same dress in April of 09

I wish you could see how uncomfortable I actually was in this picture. I was squeezed into this dress and it was so tight I couldn’t bend over or I would have shown my butt. This was not the case when I purchased the dress and it was almost too big. I plan on taking a picture of myself in this dress when I hit my 10% to see how it looks again.

I’m hoping to purchase this dress by our cruise in March. This is only if I feel as though I’m getting close enough to my cruise goal. I know it won’t look like it does in this picture but I’m hoping I’ve lost enough that I can look smokin’ hott for my hubby for a romantic night on the boat

So that is all for now. Hoping I can really bust my butt this week and get that 10lb goal!!!


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