New Year

Well it is a new year and let me tell you it’s already proving to be much better than the last one.

On the 30th Hayleigh Kay Chalfant was born. My beautiful niece from my brother and his girlfriend. I have been blessed enough to get to see and hold her lots. She is so precious and if holding my own child feels half as amazing as holding her than I am more excited than ever before.

I am currently in the 2ww. Because my cycles have ranged from 37-41 days my 2ww is generally longer than the standard 14 days. I actually think I ovulated Jan 2 or 3rd so testing on the 25th will actually be fairly late to test if that is true. But if no AF by that time then hopefully my BFP will be nice and bright! 😀

Saturday I went to my first weight watchers meeting in over a year. I haven’t been since October of 2008 when I found out I was pregnant, since that time I have gained 47 pounds…*eek* My first major goal is to lose 10% of my weight. Weight watchers recomends starting off trying to lose 10% so you don’t get to overwhelmed. I know if I get pregnant again I’ll have to stop weight watchers but until then I want to focus on getting healthy again because although I know I can get pregnant at the weight I’m at now, getting to where I want to be will be much harder if I start off at this weight and add baby weight to that. I put a ticker on the right side of the page to track my success. I will be updating after my weigh ins weekly as well.

Oh and 67 days until we our on vacation and Jamaica bound!!! I can’t wait to go on this amazing 7 day cruise with my hubby and family!!!

I hope everyone’s new year’s has been as amazing as mine has started off to be.

Let’s hope this year brings many new and exciting things and less heartache than the year before.


And here are some weight journey pictures…hoping this will keep me motivated to put new pictures up soon…

Here is me in the summer of 2007 – before I started Weight watchers in November (No I’m not pregnant in this picture =( )

Here is me in April of 2007 – the lowest in my WW journey

And me in August 2008 – Bridesmaid in my friends wedding – Literally falling out of the dress because I gained so much weight since I ordered it…Now to start a new journey and hope for a new picture…


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