Ready to Know

Well today is CD35, so 5-6 days away from finding out if AF is gonna show up.

Yesterday I felt with every bone in my body that I was pregnant, and today I am almost positive I am not. So weird how our body can do the strangest things. Yesterday I thought I had every symptom imaginable and today nothing….ugh!

If I am not pregnant this cycle I will probably do one more cycle and then if not pregnant take a break until our cruise in March. I don’t want to be newly pregnant during our cruise. It will be a scary enough time as it is without worrying about being out of the U.S. with no medical care if something happens.

I planned on testing Sunday but not sure I can wait that long. I have a feeling I’ll end up buying a few cheapie tests tonight when I’m at the dollar store and testing tomorrow just to ease my mind. I told myself I wouldn’t but we all know will power and patience is not my strongest personality trait.

So we shall see…

Friday would have been my due date with my second angel so I am not looking forward to that. I also found out my neighbor will possibly be induced Thursday night/Friday morning so of course it makes me a little sad she may have her baby on my due date…

I am anxious to see if this is our month. It would be due around 8/28/10 and I think that would be cool because it’s between Nate and I’s birthday’s. But of course I would probably find something cool with just about any due date. haha



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