For My Angel

November 21st…this date will never be the same…

One year ago today I had to say goodbye to my precious angel. The day was kinda cold and overcast with a little fog. I remember what I was wearing, how the operating room floor felt on my feet.
There isn’t much to say that I haven’t already said but I just felt as thought I needed to take a minute and be in the moment. The minute the sun came through the window this morning it hit me. That feeling and pain in my stomach. Just like a year ago…
To My Angel:
I will never forget you. Your life was short but for the time I carried you with me I loved every minute of it. I would have never imagined I would be smiling inside while I puked every morning, because I knew that meant you were ok. I remember what it felt like to lose that feeling, and knew that you were in heaven instead of with me. I will never understand why God decided to take you from me and why I didn’t deserve to meet you. But know that I keep your memory close to my heart and I hope one day I can be blessed with a child and know that your watching over the both of us. Mommy loves you and I think of you every day…
And to everyone else that has supported me and been there for me when I needed someone to lean on. I owe you my life. If it weren’t for the people surrounding me during my loss I would not have had the strength to carry on. Thank you for always understanding my pain and never making me feel like what I was feeling was wrong, for never making me feel like the life I lost was too small to make an impact on my world.

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