Of Course Not

Well it is CD37 and no signs of AF. i took a FRER test on CD 30 (9/22) & today CD 37 (9/29) both were Negative. It’s so frustrating because I called the nurse on 9/24 and she basically said that if I didn’t start or get a positive by yesterday that I probably didn’t ovulate and I should start taking Provera again and start over. Ugh. I had hoped the Femara would make me ovulate without all the other junk but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I am starting to think I should have taken a longer break. I just wish for once something would be a little easy. I just wanted to take the meds, I didn’t want to do the ultrasounds or trigger shots, but unfortunatley when I decide to take the Provera and Femara again that’s what I’ll have to do to ensure I’m ovulating. Ugh!

Over It


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