Loving Every Minute of It

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I wrote in here. Lots of updates.

I never did start AF on my own, after tons of blood work, tests, etc there was nothing to explain the spotting. So I decided since it had been 4+ months since my D&C with no AF I should take Provera to clean out my system. So on 8/14 I started taking 10 days of 10mg Provera. And perfectly on time the very next day after 10 days of Provera I started. Needless to say it was probably the worst AF of my life. It lasted like 10 whole days. It was horrible. After starting I decided that I wanted to start taking Femara again. No u/s or trigger shots just something to get me to ovulate to regulate my cycles and give us a small chance of getting pregnant. I am not getting my hopes up too high. I started Femara (2×2.5mg) on 8/26.

I plan on testing on 9/22 if no signs of AF. In previous cycles it was an estimated 30 day cycle so we will just have to wait and see. Like I said, not getting my hopes up too high because my main goal was to just get normal cycles for a while. And give us some sort of chance. Nate told me during our second try that he wished I wouldn’t tell him when I was on meds. He said it’s added pressure for him and he doesn’t like knowing all the “details” So he does not know that I took the Femara. He knows I had to take the Provera to get something but he doesn’t know that I started the Femara after that. That way he doesn’t stress out or worry about anything. And I haven’t really been either so all around it’s going pretty good.

As far as other things go, life is pretty great. Nate and I have been very busy with family and different things going on. We had our combined birthday celebration 8/29 and it was a huge hit. We had about 40 people at our house and everything went great. We have our Metallica concert a week from tomorrow. He is so excited about it. Since Metallica was the first dance at our wedding we can’t wait to go see them live. We will be in row 10! I can’t wait! We have also just booked a Jamaican cruise for March 2010! It will be 6 nights of pure heaven. He has also agreed we should fly. When I met Nate he said he would never get on a plain or a boat, so I am very surprised but very happy. I can’t wait!!!

Like I said, things are going pretty great right now. My friend Danielle had her perfect little boy Trenton in July, he is so precious and although it’s weird seeing Danielle as a mom, she fits the role perfectly. Steph had her little baby girl Lauren in August. She looks a lot like her mommy unlike her big sister who looks like a spitting image of her daddy. Our next door neighbors Nate and Brittany are expecting their little boy Landon in Decemeber. Brittany went through tons of medication and appts just like me so I am so happy she finally got her miracle. My very good friend Whitney also found out almost exactly a year after her first miscarriage that she was pregnant again. She finds out in just about a month what she is having and is due in Febuary. Lots and lots of babies and I coudln’t be happier for all of them. I also have lots of little babies on the way in my support group. Many of these women have suffered multiple losses and heartache and I am so happy they got their long awaited healthy happy pregnancy. Hopefully it will be my turn soon! I can’t wait to be a mommy. But until then I am definitely enjoying my role as a wife to my amazing husband and loving ever minute of our life together.

I definitely feel more myself than I have in a long time. I know we still have a long road ahead of us and possibly more heartache but I know now that we are strong enough to make it through anything. ❤

Hopeful & Optimistic


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