Genetics Counselor Appointment

Nate and I had our genetic counselor appointment today and I wanted to update everyone. We walked away from the appointment encouraged and feeling as though we got the best news possible for the situation and we now know that while it may be a scary journey for us to have our own child it is not impossible.

Please remember that I am trying to cram an hour and a half appointment into a tiny post leaving out diagrams, charts, and funny illustrations from the Dr. Basically we all have 23 sets of chromosomes. When we reproduce the child gets half from the mom and half from the dad. Basically mine aren’t “organized” right so when they break off they are having a hard time matching up with Nate’s. Like I said we got a lot of diagrams, pictures, and specifics that I can explain to anyone in person if they would like but I’ll get to the important part.

They basically said a normal woman has about a 15% of a miscarriage with any given pregnancy. I have about a 35% chance. They also by looking at a detailed family history and the type of translocation I have they don’t think our chances for having a baby with chromosome issues (mental retardation, down syndrome, etc) isn’t but 1-2% higher than normal. The doctor said us using donor eggs he does not feel is necessary at all, he said inventro would help our chances but he also doesn’t feel is necessary and should be used as a last resort. We were basically just told that we could continue to try and conceive on our own and just know ahead of time that our chances for losing it is a little higher.

We both feel very encouraged that although the odds are not exactly in our favor they could be a lot worse. We will continue to pray hard for our miracle and hope for the best. Thanks again for all of your support. It means the world to us.


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