Chromosone Translocation

Well as most of you know we have been waiting on our genetic testing for Chromosome Translocation. I spoke with our Dr today and the test results came back that I am positive for balanced chromosome translocation. This basically means that I have a chromosome defect where part of your chromosome breaks off and attaches itself to another one. Our next step is to go to a genetic counselor and have them read the test results in depth. Our options with pregnancy will depend on what they say…

If our odds are good then we can just keep getting pregnant (by chance, fertility meds, etc) and just know what the probability is that we keep the pregnancy and hope for the best basically.

If the odds come back not so great, but not totally bad then we can do invitro with genetic testing. Then they take the eggs out, fertilize them, then once they grow to embryo stage they do a biopsy on the embryo and see which ones do not have the translocation, then inputting the ones that come back normal.

If my odds are slim to none then they will advise us to do donor eggs. That way the translocation from me will not be passed on.

Either way, we will get through it. For some reason I have a certain peace about all of this and I know that Nate and I will get the kid we deserve. It may not be easy, or cheap, but hell nothing is for us. We just need everyone to keep us in your prayers. I’ll be setting up the appointment with the genetic counselor tomorrow and then we’ll go from there…just one day at a time…

Chromosome Translocation
This is a good site I found that explains translocation very well.


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