Results from D&C Testing

Ok so here is what I typed as the dr spoke. Leaving out some random stuff.

“The results of the chromosone testing on the pregnancy was abnormal. Showed a translocation. (When one chromosome was stuck on another one.) I think what’s actually going on (my suspicion) I think that was probably contamination from you. If not and you have a translocation that means that every time you’re pregnant you have a much higher chance of miscarriage. What’s the risks and statistics? I don’t know?

What we need to do is get a blood test. Results in about three weeks. After those results if their normal then it was a fluke and a “normal” miscarriage. If they come back with the abnormality then you’ll have to see another specialist. “

And I do some research online. Don’t ever do that. I hate google. that was someone asking about it. this was something on wikipedia Bleh!

I go in for genetic testing next week. It will take about 3 weeks to get the results back. We have a 50-50 shot at this point. Please everyone keep us in your prayers that everything is ok and one day we will have our miracle.


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