I think everything that happened last week was for the best, the decisions that were made, the things that were said, were good. It has given Nate and I an opportunity to reconnect. For the first time in a very long time I feel as though we were connected on numerous different levels again, we laughed, we played, we had fun. Just like we used to.

We also planned our vacation for July. I took the entire first week of July off about a month or two ago because I did not want to be at work the week I was supposed to be in the hospital having a baby. When I mentioned it to my mom that I had taken the week off and Nate probably would too, she suggested the family go on a nice vacation together. So we rented out a duplex for the week that is about a half hour away from the Wisconsin Dells. The duplex is on a lake and we will be taking my mom’s boyfriend’s boat and tubes to have fun with that as well.

I am so excited. And so grateful to have a family that when they know this will be a hard week they all pitch in together to make sure that I am so busy with having fun hopefully I won’t be too down about it. I kept telling myself I would just be pregnant by that week and have something else to look forward to, but I need to accept that that probably won’t be the case and I’ll have to occupy my mind with something else.

It feels good to not have to worry about an ultrasound tomorrow and what the results will be, while I still kinda wonder if I’m gonna ovulate on my own and start in a few weeks, it’s good not to be worrying about the u/s and shots, etc.

So things are going pretty great. Nate has successfully stopped chewing, while he is a little on edge about it he’s doing such a great job and it feels great to have him make a real effort. We planned our vacation, and had the best weekend we’ve had in a while. It feels great. We are working on getting everything caught up financially from the lay off. Once we get caught up we are going to start working on paying off our debt so we can have a little extra spending money. I’ve even thought about getting a motorcycle after we pay off some of it. We’ll see 😀

Kind of a random blog. But a good update!


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