Beautiful Fog

Well yesterday I had Nate read everything I had written. It wasn’t my intention to write all that when I started but it just came flowing out. It caused a little controversy at first but just like we always do we talked through it. He agreed that he hadn’t really been contributing at all to the efforts of trying to get pregnant.
I Love Him so much! I love how we can talk things through. It never ends in some big screaming match where we say things we dont’ mean.
He crawled in bed last night about 3am (he works nights) and gave me the biggest hug I think I’ve gotten in a long time. He said he was sorry and gave me kisses. Then we curled up together and fell asleep. I always feel so comfortable in his arms.
Since I was going to ask Jamie what she thought abous us not doing the trigger shot this month and just seeing if I would ovulate on my own, I called and just cancelled my ultrasound to check my follicles and if I don’t ovulate then we’ll use the time with no period to just focus on other things. If I do, then I may see about getting another prescription for the Femara and trying it again without the trigger shot. IDK – just one day at a time. I have to keep telling myself that. Make sure I’m not getting too ahead of myself.


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