Rough Stuff

Well it’s been kind of a rough month on me. I really felt like this was our month. Of course I guess I probably feel like that every month.

Unfortunately today is CD1. So I called to get my next round of drugs. If we do every thing the same this month then I’ll be going in for my ultrasound on the 25th.

I am going to talk to Jamie to see about making an appointment with Dr. Henry just to ask him a few questions like is taking these meds long term ok, or is he really wanting to move onto bigger and better things soon. Stuff like that.

I’m keeping my faith close by my side. I have to believe that this will make me stronger in the long run.

As some of you may know Nate does chewing tobacco. It’s a very sore subject for me because I would like him to stop chewing. I have read numerous articles that state chewing tobacco has an affect on sperm count and motility. Which his motility is low. His count isn’t bad but it’s not great. It’s in the average range. I just feel like after everything I go through for the two of us, I wish he would make an honest commitment to do this one thing for me…I love him dearly and I know he wants this just as bad as I do. But he’s always been stubborn and believe he is invinsible and that nothing is wrong with him chewing tobacco.



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