Not Broken

Well we did my ultrasound on Feb 20th (CD 14) Since I think my body reacts to medicine later than most people she thought it would be a good idea to try looking at my follicles 2 days later than usual (usually on CD 12) I had one great looking 25mm follicle!!! Much bigger than previous follicles so waiting seemed to be a good idea. I also decided to wait and do my shot later than night. Since the shot is supposed to take 24-36 hours I thought i would be good to time my ovulation for the middle of the night. That way if we did it before bed it would have a better chance. Who knows?!

I’ve been trying to ignore my symptoms because when I think back they seem the same as last month. But you can’t help but be the crazy lady who think she is pregnant because when I scratched my boob it hurt – well duh! We can make our bodies do some crazy stuff too. I can think about feeling sick so much I actually do. *Note: STOP!*

Nate and I decided that as long as the meds are working and I am getting good follicles and ovulating then if the Dr says it’s ok we would like to just continue that cycle for a while. Don’t fix what isn’t broken I guess. I might try to see if we can try one month without a trigger shot as well. Maybe relive some pressure from Nate and I.

Now were just waiting…oh how I love the 2 week wait!!! =P

Crazy Symptom Lady


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