Better Luck Next Time

I had my ultrasound on 1/21 and I had one 19mm follicle. Good news.

I did my first hcg trigger shot on my own that day. I figure after everything I’ve been through giving my shot is nothing now. That was my last month of Ovidrel. They will switch me back to Novarel (much cheaper) The Ovidrel I can give to myself because it’s pre mixed and can be given in the stomach. But the Novarel has to be mixed (which I can do) then given in the hip so Nate has to do it for me. They had a national shortage on Novarel so I had to switch but they have it back in stock so that was my last expensive shot. haha

Ovidrel hcG shot – premixed – much easier

It was hard because about an hour after my shot I felt pregnant. Since the shot is hcg hormone that’s normal. Before when I got my shots I knew it made me feel weird. But never knew what that feeling was. Now I realize it was the “pregnant” feeling. I was emotional after the shot, but so proud of myself for being able to do it on my own!

Of course I started on Saturday. It’s kind of whatever at this point, I figure not being pregnant is better than not having a cycle at all, and is much better than being pregnant and losing it later. So I called Jamie to let her know and called to get my next round of Femara and hcg shot, my next ultrasound should be Feb 18th.

Not Surprised


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