O – M – G!!!

Well I called the nurse yesterday and she told me to come in today for a blood test. So I decided to take another first response. Positive! Then I take a digital – Pregnant!!! OMG! How can this be? So I go in for a blood test and they called me about 12:30 to tell me sure enough. I’m pregnant. Holy crap!!! I guess taking a break is just what we needed. They want me to come back in Thursday to take another blood test and make sure my levels are going up.

We spent all day telling the parents, first his mom, then my mom’s work, then my dad, then his dad. I got my dad a lighter that said #1 Grandpa on it to tell him. At first he didn’t realize what it said, then when he saw it he gave me the biggest hug ever! My mom cried when I put the test on her desk at work. Nate put a post-it on her desk that said something about being old and a grandma. He’s so silly.

So for the morning sickness has been pretty much an all day sickness thing but I don’t mind.

Made it pretty in photoshop =)



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