A what?

I am just now sitting down almost 8 hours after my appointment with Dr Henry today. Obviously the last round was a bust and we are not pregnant.

First of all he saw the tattoo on my foot and told me he used to do HAM Radio. ( I have my grandpa’s call sign in a banner) He was telling me all kinds of stories. Just another reason I know this Dr was sent to us.

First things first. He reffered Nate to a urogogist. Not really sure what they are going to do yet but his appointment is at 3:00.

Now onto me. he wants me to do one more round of clomid 150mg, then do the hcg as normal, that is of course hoping the clomid works better this time. If it does then after the hcg shot he wants us to do an IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) HUH?!?! It’s where they take Nate’s sperm and clean it, then insert it into my uterus. He also talked about “if this doesn’t work then we’ll try…” but I tried to tune most of that out, maybe hoping it won’t get to that point. So now we just follow Dr’s orders and hope for the best. I’m nervous!!!



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