Better Luck This Time

Well I had my clomid u/s Saturday and there was a couple follicles but they were only about 10mm in size. So they told me there was a small chance I could still ovulate and that those eggs could grow and release on their own. If not, And if I haven’t started by CD 35 (Sept 29th( to call them and they will start me on Provera for 10 days again to start then start 150mg of clomid.

I was really confused as to why they aren’t having me come back in to recheck the follicles to see if they mature any more. So I called and left a message with the nurse and I’ll ask her about it. I’m hoping I can go in for a recheck and if they are or aren’t mature enough they’ll give me the shot anyways. That way I’ll start on my own without Provera. I hate that stuff…

I’m kind of over it and trying not to obsess over it too much. I’m trying to gert back on track with my weight loss and start focusing on that again, hoping to distract myself.

OVER it!


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