It’s been a few days since I haev written anything. I had my appointment for blood work Tuesday but I knew it was pointless because I started full force right before the appointment. The nurse calle dme later that day to tell me the blood work was negative and she prescribed me 100 mg of clomid, scheduled the clomid ultrasound for Sept 6th, and ordered the hcg shot. I am now on my second day of clomid and once again severe hot flashes, but other than that I’m ok. I was really upset for a few days but after talking to Nate and having a couple of days to think about everything I’m doing much better. The dr had talked about doing insemination this time around but I think Nate and I would like to do it naturual then after a few tries if it doesn’t work we’ll consider that. Right now I’m keeping faith that God will do what’s right for us when it’s right for us. Until then I’ll wait patiently for our miracle…



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